Hidden Faces Photo Project – Week 17

Yesterday we were in the city to see our friend in a new show called A Butterfly’s Day.  As we were driving around looking for a spot, I reminded everyone that I still needed to find a face for this week and to be on the lookout.  A second later as we were stopped at a red light I looked out my window and there it was…

Hidden Faces Photo Project by Total City Girl

We were split on this one – the girls didn’t like it but the hubbs and I were in agreement.  Shocker!!

Did you find any faces this week?  Let’s see…

Hidden Faces Photo Project by Total City Girl


  1. Stacey it works for me. I can see the face. Well, my face this week is a screen shot and not necessarily a photo but it was taken by my camera on my phone. :) The shot is a picture of my Nokia Music app. It’s a headphone upside down.


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