Hidden Faces Photo Project – Week 16

What a week!  I’m working on this crazy project I’ll have to tell you about in a separate post.  It’s been consuming my life for the past month.  Tomorrow I should be done and back to a more normal schedule.  Did you do anything fun this week?

Have you ever been to Fairway Market?  Not sure if they have them outside of the NY area but I LOVE that store!  It’s a gourmet food market.  I first discovered it years ago when I lived on the Upper West Side.  Now there’s also one in Harlem and another in Pelham Manor.  On a recent stop to the one on the UWS, this is what we found…

Hidden Faces Photo Project by Total City Girl

I think it’s a coconut!  Sorry for the crappy iPhone pic but it’s all I had at the time.

Looks like an animal that would live underground.

Did you find any faces this week? Let’s see…

Hidden Faces Photo Project by Total City Girl


  1. Had a very nice weekend. Went and played miniature golf. Temperature has been nice. At first glance I thought your photo was a furry dog. And yes it is a coconut. :) And no, we do not have a Fairway Market here in town.

    Here’s my photo of the week.

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