TCG Eats: Rock Da Pasta

What’cha up to this weekend?  I am hoping to head into the city today to check out the Columbus Circle Holiday Market.  We’ll see if I’ll be going solo or if I can convince  (bribe) the girls to come with me.

Last weekend we went in the opposite direction and headed upstate to New Paltz – about 1.5 hours north of Riverdale.  We were going to see our family friend Jacob in a show up there.

The show started at 2pm so our plan was to leave around 10 (actual time was about  10:20) so we can get there by noonish so we can check out the town and have lunch before seeing the show.

It was a cold grey day but the town was so cute!  Very artsy filled with unique little shops and restaurants.  I love exploring new places!  We went into a couple of stores as we were looking for a place to eat.  There was even a chocolate shop that of course my girls and the hubbs HAD TO go to!  Fudge just doesn’t do it for me!

We decided on a place called Rock Da Pasta for lunch.  It was a fun music themed restaurant that had  a very interesting menu.  Not at all what I was expecting.  There was lots to look at as far as decor goes.  Take a look…

Rock Da Pasta, New Paltz NY

Rock Da Pasta, New Paltz NY

Rock Da Pasta, New Paltz NY

Rock Da Pasta, New Paltz NY

I got a salad called The Thriller – peppered bacon, candied walnuts, goat cheese, dried cranberries, some kind of lettuce and a cranberry vinegarette dressing.  It was really good!  Those aren’t pieces of chicken on top – it’s actually garlic bread, not that I would really know because my girls swiped them just after my first bite!  The nerve!

Rock Da Pasta, New Paltz NY

Tony decided on a chicken panini.  I have to say – I think it was my favorite out of all of our dishes.  It had a cilantro pesto and olive tapenade that made it so good!

Rock Da Pasta-5

My older daughter wanted the mac and cheese which sounded amazing – with chipotle and gouda .  The waitress however told us they can make it more kid friendly.  So sweet!  We didn’t even have to ask.  Hers was really good also.

Rock Da Pasta-4

My younger daughter decided on pepperoni pizza.  It was my least favorite of all and ironically the most expensive item ordered.  It was around $13 compared to ours which were in the $7.95 range.  It was just ok,  but to be fair we are spoiled by NYC pizza.  Nothing can compare!

Rock Da Pasta - New Paltz NYBy the time we finished, it was time to head to the show.  Jacob was great!

I definitely suggest heading to New Paltz as a day trip.  I would imagine it would be beautiful in the Fall and very fun to walk around in the Spring on a nice day.  We ALL had fun (a miracle!)  so we’ll be heading back – so many more stores and restaurants to explore!

Rock Da Pasta, New Paltz NY


  1. Yum! Looks delicious.

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