52 Week Photo Challenge – Week 49 – “W”

I was having trouble getting this photo letter this week.  It was harder than what I expected.  I had  a few ideas that just didn’t pan out.  As I’m walking around my apartment looking for inspiration and saying “UH!  I can’t find my W!!” my daughter comes to the rescue!

Fortunately her love of Barbie’s paid off!!

52 Week Photo Challenge - Photo Letters

When she made them into a W, I loved the idea.  I was actually trying to do the same thing live yesterday with my kids and nephews in the snow but I had major resistance!

The light in the girls’ room was good and then I noticed the pattern in their rug.  It was the perfect backdrop!

How about you?  Any W’s to share??

52 Week Photo Challenge - Total City Girl

Can you believe we only have 3 letters left?!?



  1. Barbie to the rescue!

  2. Well, I had a few ideas for this week but the one shot I wanted I was unable to get because it was on a busy road. But this one will do. It was found while walking through Wichita’s Nature’s Trail… Yes, there is concrete in a natures trail. :) Here’s my “W”.


    • Frank, I like it. I had the same idea of getting something on the street but i never got around to finding a good street.

  3. Frank – that looks like it would be a really cool font!

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