Best Halloween House Ever + Photo Tips

This weekend we were on Staten Island visiting my in-laws for a family celebration.  On the drive back from the restaurant, we passed this super cool Halloween House!!

Of course we had to stop and get out to take pictures.

Halloween House - Staten Island, NY

Living in an area with lots of apartment buildings, we don’t really get to see the decorated house very often.  This one was completely over the top!  I love when people go crazy for Halloween!

Halloween House - Staten Island, NY

Our favorite part was the zombie babies!!   The owners must have some sense of humor!!  I wonder if they would like the Kitty Litter cake?!?

Halloween House - Staten Island, NY

I love how for the most part they tried to make ti scary and not cutesy.  I’m not into the cutesy version of Halloween.

Halloween House - Staten Island, NY

Halloween House - Staten Island, NY

When I took these photographs,  it was around 7pm in the evening – getting pretty dark.  I didn’t want to use a flash because you wouldn’t get a sense of the scene.  Everything in front would be bright and blown out and the background would be black.

Photo Tip:

When you are in a situation like this, you just bump up the ISOWhat is ISO, you ask?  ISO determines how sensitive your camera is to light.  The higher the number the more sensitive it is.  Bump it up in dark situations to avoid using flash.

The drawback – the higher the ISO, the grainier your image swill be and the file size becomes larger.  Depending on the situation, you may not mind – like I didn’t with these photos.  I just wanted to capture it.  Wasn’t worried about perfection.  Hope that helps!

Do you have any great decorated houses in your neighborhood?  If so, put the link in the comments section so we can all see.




  1. I love Halloween decorations! Sadly, we don’t get many in our neighborhood, and this fall has been so hot I don’t think anyone is in the mood yet. I don’t even have my decorations up yet. Definitely feel like a bad mom on that count. Sigh.

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