This Weekend: Thinking About Halloween

Halloweem Witch

Halloween – one of my favorite holidays of the year is now only about  a month away.  YAYYYYY!!!  This means this weekend is when we dig in our hall closet and break out the Halloween decorations!  It’s fun to go through everything and remember what we have.  I also like to add to our collection each year by adding at least one new item.

These Halloween activities are on my radar for the month:

  • Go to Deals for some inexpensive Halloween decorations (or make some of our own!)
  • Bake a Kitty Litter Cake - we did this at one of our Halloween parties – very funny!  (especially since I HATE cats!)
  • Visit a pumpkin patch and get lost in a corn maze.

What activities do you like to do for Halloween?



  1. Cuz Donna says:

    That Kitty Litter Cake is sooooo gross I don’t know where 2 begin!! Excellent!!
    Very traditional activity but still my fav – pumpkin pickin at the pumpkin patch – there’s 1 across the st. from my development and people r out there in droves takin pics!!! and then pickin punkins!! Stacey, a photo op if ever there was 1.

  2. Sounds fun We like to go to pumpkin patches also. Love all the orange for photos!! :)

    We started decorating this weekend but they sad “it doesn’t look like a haunted house yet”. I guess we need more. :)

  3. I love Halloween, but the outings are getting less exciting now that the kids are older. They find pumpkin patches boring and want to go to those scary haunted house things. Sigh. We will carve pumpkins though. We always do.

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