Love It!! – Spoiled Nail Color

When I was in my 20’s, it was all about long nails and bright red nail polish. Fast forward years later when I had my girls, I was definitely not interested in red, or any other nail polish for that matter. I liked my nails shorter – more in the medium length range and had no patience for the upkeep. The thing I don’t like about nail polish is the minute you put it on, it smudges, or chips. Can’t stand that chipped look and who has time to repolish every day. I know I don’t!   So, my nail polish wearing days were usually left for special occasions.

Until recently.

My friend Heather from the fun fashion blog The Style Confessions, did a few posts on her favorite nail polish. I guess it was on my brain because when I was on a recent visit to CVS, I saw a display of new nail polish and actually stopped to check it out.

The nail polish is Spoiled by Wet n’ Wild and for only $1.99, it’s definitely worth a try. Lots of colors to choose from. Reds to neutrals and everything in between.  My girls love nail polish so I picked a couple up for them in the pink and red category.  For myself though, I found this neutral color called I’m Ba-roque.  I love all the fun names!

Spoiled Nail Color by Wet n' Wild

I figured I’d give it a try. I have to say, I really LOVE it!  It goes with everything.   I even have a pair of yoga pants that matches almost exactly! (minus the sparkle)  I have my cousin’s wedding coming up and will probably wear it for that as well. Although the color is subtle and neutral, it is very shiny and sparkly – it’s been glitterized!

Spoiled Nail Color by Wet n' Wild

The best part – it lasts a long time without chipping! I’ve had it on for a week and still no chips. Gotta love that!

Spoiled Nail Color by Wet n' Wild

Check out the CVS website for all the choices.  Next I either want to get Your Fly Is Down or The Parking Meteor Expired.  Which color do you want to try?

Do you like to wear nail polish? If so, what’s your favorite color and brand?


  1. What a nice surprise seeing my name and my blog up there! Thank you so much.
    Like you I can’t stand waiting for polish to dry and I hate chips. I am always looking for nail colors that are easy to apply and stay chip free for a while. Looks like I’m going to have a new line to check out! Thanks so much for the referral!

  2. No problem Heather. My pleasure! Thanks for the inspiration.

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